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zirconia teeth

At New Teeth Now, your teeth will be custom-made with the best material available: Zirconia. As many foods exert considerable force against the teeth during consumption, it’s important that your teeth are as durable as possible. Not only is Zirconia the most durable material used in implant dentistry, it’s also chosen for its optimal esthetics. Our in-house lab professionals have hand-crafted stunning prosthetic teeth for thousands of dental implant patients, and are ready to create for you a smile that lasts a lifetime.


Zirconia scores an 8.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. To put that in perspective, natural tooth enamel scores a 5. Needless to say, your new teeth will be able to hold up to the force of chewing any food as well as daily brushing. When made by qualified lab professionals and placed by experienced oral surgeons, Zirconia teeth are designed to last a lifetime.

Natural Feel

Some prosthetic teeth are made with an interior metal frame that feels unnaturally heavy. Zirconia, on the other hand, has a weight similar to natural teeth. And while some metals have a high tendency to conduct heat and cold, Zirconia has very low thermal conductivity. In short, these teeth are designed to give a comfortable, natural feel.


Zirconia is naturally a bone-white color. In order to obtain the slight translucency found in natural teeth, porcelain is baked onto the Zirconia frame in layers. The result is a beautiful, natural esthetic customized to the color shade of your choice. Our patients say they once again have the confidence to attend social gatherings and let their smile shine.

Zirconia teeth vs. acrylic teeth

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While acrylic used to be a standard material used in dental prosthetics, developments in Zirconia technology make Zirconia teeth the ideal solution for longevity. If you’re seeking teeth that last as long as you do, Zirconia teeth are the wisest investment.

In-House Lab

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The New Teeth Now in-house lab allows us to custom design your teeth at the same location that we perform your procedure. Our lab professionals have worked together with our surgeons to create Zirconia prosthetics for thousands of satisfied New Teeth Now patients.

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