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Restorative Doctor James F. Sorrento, DMD, is passionate about many artistic and outdoor activities, including oil painting, golf, boating, and guitar. When you see him, be sure to ask about his guitar collection!

Elliot Dibbs, DDS

“One of the things that really sets us apart from other offices doing full mouth dental implant reconstructions is that I have my own laboratory here on site that myself and the other restorative doctors are able to use. This is invaluable. Having the ability to work so closely with my lab gives me the ability to better help my patients with the emotional side of it as well.”

Dr. Nofallah

Kawveh Nofallah, DMD

Dr. Kawveh Nofallah is a highly renowned dentist with specializations in general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Born and raised in Tallahassee, FL, Dr. Nofallah earned his degree from the University of Florida.

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