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Words cannot express how excited and grateful I am when making the emotional commitment to have a surgical dental procedure that not only transformed my smile. It transformed my life and overall being. I was determined that choosing the right surgeon was a critical decision. I was fortunate to have Dr. Musser perform my procedure and who is one of (3) outstanding dental surgeons at Florida Dental Implants. Their entire staff walked me through the process step-by-step and treated me like I was part of their “family” each and every time I walked through their door. My appointments never felt like appointments more like special visits that were never rushed by time constraints. My follow-up visits with Dr. Dibbs and Maria were awesome as they sat down to explain my Post-Op care and thoroughly educate me on my overall after-care Implant maintenance.

Lastly, I could tell that Florida Dental Implants is genuinely concerned about how their patients are feeling. My many trips to previous dentist’s office were always so stressful, but you made my experience more comfortable than all of the dentists I have previously known. I was especially thankful that you never held anything back from me when discussing the entire process and that you spoke to me as a person who was not just another patient on your list. This is a skill that not all healthcare professionals have, but it is one that is so valuable and appreciated.

Dr. Musser and All Staff at Florida Dental Implants:
I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart, for my natural looking teeth that feel like my own and my aesthetically pleasing smile. I am glad that I chose you due to your amount of experience, your high-quality work which includes your high-tech lab and your ability to relate to patients. If you have any prospective patients who are thinking about having this dental procedure performed… please feel free to give them this letter.
Many Thanks!

Anna Henson

I had my new teeth now procedure performed on June 13, 2012. Smartest thing I ever did in my life! Made me feel like a new person!

The “operation” was no more painful than when I had My wisdom teeth extracted nearly 25 years earlier. I can not say enough positives about Dr. Musser and his entire staff. My appearance now lets me smile a lot! It also allows me to laugh a lot without fear that someone will notice the appearance I had of bad teeth. I was always trying to hide my mouth with my hand or turn slightly away from someone.

David Sawyer

It is my pleasure to write this review. I am a person that has to research everything. I did just that when choosing the very best for my teeth. I would not let anyone else touch me. The care I received is hands down the best in the country. My health, appearance, and confidence have been restored, not just my teeth. My sincere gratitude is overflowing. THANK YOU! Please make the call and change your life. It will be the best decision you ever make. A HUGE THANK YOU again!

Donna Heiss

Wow, where do I start? I guess I will start with DON’T wait so long like I did as this is a life-changing experience. From my first visit meeting with Debbie and Dr. Musser and them taking the time to sit with me for a good half hour to answer all my questions and help me make my decision to meeting with Dr. Dibbs to make sure everything was going to fit perfectly, to the day of surgery where everything went so smoothly and beyond my expectations. The staff there are all so wonderful, compassionate and willing to go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. The surgery went perfectly I woke up and within a couple hours, I was home showing off my new teeth and the next day out shopping with my sisters and having lunch! I was SMILING for the first time in so many years. So proud to show off my toothy smile. Working in sales where I am sitting across and talking to people all day this has absolutely changed my life, it has upped my confidence and just made me feel so much happier. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me.

Janet Backman

The young lady at the front desk, Grace, made us feel welcome as soon as we walked in the office. She answered all our questions and made us feel at ease. The staff in the back were all wonderful also. The whole experience went better than we could have expected.

Jessica Joiner

Florida Dental Implants is a state of the art facility. Ultra-modern, clean, comfortable. The doctors are amazing and the staff very attentive and helpful. You will feel at home there. Nothing like any other dentist offices I’ve been to. Highly recommend it.

Cici Holle

My name is Johnny, I’m a 52 year’s old, I’m still young in heart and love to socialize with people, but my teeth stopped me from really being myself because I had bad teeth, then no teeth, then dentures, but once I was blessed to have the Implants procedure done my whole life has changed for the best, the staff and the doctors were awesome from the first day I enter the facility they treated me with respect and kindness and made the process as easy and comfortable as possible, because I was nervous, but they are wonderful and my New life is wonderful, my confidence socializing with people now it’s so amazing, I laugh with and smile with the confidence I never had in a long time, Florida Dental Implants I recommend them to anyone who’s going through what I went through when my teeth where ugly, I felt ugly, thanks to Florida Dental Implants, I’m a beautiful new born man and I’m so happy and blessed I’m crying tears of joy, thank you all the staff and doctors at Florida Dental Implants, you gave me my life back.

Johnn DeLaTorres

The Doctors and staff have gone out of their way to be accommodating to our special needs. My friend George is partially paralyzed due to a bicycle accident a year and a half ago. He is confined to a wheelchair, but they move him around just where they need him. It doesn’t make it easy to work on him….but everyone makes him feel special anyway. George had never been to the dentist before in his life. This experience has been wonderful and with a beautiful smile, he is treated differently by everyone. I can’t thank you all enough for what a big change you have made in the life of George. Nothing short of AMAZING!

Kim Bessette

I recently visited Dr. Harley Richards for my recent oral surgery for extractions and implants. I was so nervous about my procedure, but Dr. Richards and his entire staff were so comforting. They explained the procedure and took their time to ensure that my needs are met. From the call to make my appointment to the moment I stepped into the chair, I have never felt so cared for by a dental staff ever. Thank you Korrie, Denise, Gracie & Dr. Richards. I love my New Teeth Now!

Leah Aponte

It’s 4 months I have my new teeth and they are magnificent! I went natural color and no one can tell that I wasn’t born with these unless I tell them and I do anyway! Florida Implant has done a marvelous job making the experience easy. If someone had described how easy before the implants I would have said, “I don’t believe you”. Don’t hesitate if you’re thinking about doing this it is worth every penny!!!!
New Teeth Now is the most professional medical office I’ve ever encountered. From the first meeting which was the interview to every subsequent appointment, I felt like they were interested only in my needs. I did a lot of research to find the best dental implant office I could. What I’ve experienced in quality and service I know I’ve made the right choice. I live several hours away from their location but would gladly drive twice as far to receive their services.

P.S.- You should see my smile! : )

Jim Bertrand

I couldn’t be happier with my results. After years of dentists, procedures and pain with less than desirable results I heard about the new teeth now procedure and it turned out to be the answer for me. From the initial consultation through the procedure and follow-up visits the whole staff was professional, courteous, and caring. I couldn’t have been in better hands than with Dr. Kirkpatrick and Dr. Nofallah. Thank you for my smile.

Michele Jacobs

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