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Patient Stories

Listen to real stories from real people whose lives were transformed by the New Teeth Now procedure. For more than 30 years, our oral surgeons have successfully placed more than 30,000 dental implants. Our board-certified team of oral surgeons have developed a proven dental implant technique that requires no bone grafting. So, if you’ve been told you lack enough bone for dental implants, contact New Teeth Now for a consultation.
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“She has a pretty smile. She has a pretty face.”


“Seeing his beautiful smile again was nice.”


“Since visiting New Teeth Now, my life has changed and so has my smile.”


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“It’s nice to not have to think about my teeth. And that’s the greatest thing.”


As long as I’m here, why not look the best I can and feel the best I can about myself.”


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“I just feel like there’s a different person in the mirror.”


“The relationship with my wife is the best it has ever been, and she kisses me with passion and a purpose.”


“I have 100% confidence in talking to people and meeting new people.”


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