Out-of-state Testimonials

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New Teeth Now has helped patients from all 50 states. Learn what makes us the premier destination for dental implants, nationwide. Hear from patients who chose to travel from part of the country near you to have their smiles restored at one of our offices in Central Florida.


“I travel from Alaska for their services and it is worth every airline mile. You could not go anywhere in the world and find better service at any price.”
—Dan | Fairbanks, AK


“I’ve been battling dental issues most of my adult life and after years of root canals, crowns and extractions my teeth were still in bad shape. Then I found New Teeth Now. This was easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I would highly recommend NTN to anyone considering getting dental implants, especially those who’ve been told they don’t have enough bone!”
—Crisfino Leal | Oakland, CA


“Top-notch from start to finish. As an out-of-state patient, they went the extra mile to coordinate my appointments to avoid multiple trips back to Florida. They truly are the center of excellence!”
—Jolene McMann | Kathleen, GA


“I thought it would be good, but this is phenomenal. I know every day I’m gonna smile as big as I can for no reason because of New Teeth Now.”
—Juan Gibson | Chicago, IL

“I recently had some dental work done at New Teeth Now. It was a pleasant experience with the doctors and staff being very friendly, courteous and professional. I highly recommend New Teeth Now. I live in Illinois and it was a great experience to fly down to Florida to escape the cold for a few days, catch some sun at the beach, eat some fresh strawberries and get my teeth fixed!”
—Les Schmidgall | Armington, IL


“It has been worth every trip I’ve made. From the first phone call to the consultation to surgery day. They make you feel like they care and are family. This place is top notch. All the staff and Doctors are the best at what they do. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about doing this to at least call and have a consultation. I’m sure after you meet them you will feel the same way.”
—Adam Lambright | Topeka, IN


“I had a full mouth implant procedure. I had two Zygomatic implants on the top jaw due to limited bone. Everything went very well. The staff and Dr. Richards and Dr. Dibbs were very thorough and professional in explaining the procedure. I am very happy with the results.”
—Rita Julius | Humboldt, IA


“When I was eight, I got dentures and it looked awful. Now, thanks to Dr. Kirkpatrick I actually feel free to smile freely, and I can eat whatever I want.”
—Bethany Wilhelm | Lexington, KY


“I found it to be a very relaxed trip. They’re very accommodating in Lakeland where they’ve got all the facilities. They’ve got the hotels. They’ve got things to see if you’re going to be there for a couple of days. Travel shouldn’t be an excuse not to do this. For the benefit you’re going to gain from going to Lakeland, it’s worth it. It really is.”
—Rex Rogers | Lake Arthur, LA

New Jersey

“Everything about the NTN experience is world class. After three years of research on local implant providers, and numerous consultations, I decided to take a chance and travel from New Jersey to Lakeland, FL, to meet with the staff, after watching some of their webinars on YouTube. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The facility and staff are second to none. They made the whole experience as pain free and as easy as possible, especially since I was traveling from out of state. I would highly recommend anyone with dental issues, that feel as helpless as I felt, to contact them ASAP. They gave me my life and my confidence back, and I can’t thank them enough.”
—David Tufaro | Nutley, NJ

New York

“I am so glad that I found this clinic. I was doing research about dental implants for a while and wasn’t convinced about doing it until I learned about New Teeth Now. I watched all the webinars and patient testimonials and decided to make that call. That was the best decision ever. The procedure was painless and the recovery time wasn’t bad at all, the doctors and all the staff were very helpful and kind. They make me feel like family. I am very happy with my new teeth, I smile all the time now.”
—Maribel Cardoza-Seda | Bronx, NY

“We were having problems with our teeth for many years. I would get an abscess at least once a year and have to go to the doctor for antibiotics. My biggest fear was when my cardiologist would warn me about my bad teeth and it was at the end of his report he would mention that the patient was planning to get implants in the future. I spoke to a retired dentist who lives in our community and he advised me not to get dentures because you will need several sets in your lifetime. He highly recommended implants. After going to a few consultations on implants I was lucky to come across Dr. Richards from New Teeth Now. He took the time and explained every detail to me and my wife. I found that there was no other implant dentist with Dr. Richards’ credentials. We are very happy with the outcome of our new teeth. I found Dr. Dibbs and Dr. Sorrento are very professional and honest with us. I also found your staff to be extra accommodating with our appointments as we live 2 1/2 hours away. I would highly recommend New Teeth Now to anyone who is thinking about implants.”
—John & Annmarie M. | Carmel, NY

“From the front desk, to the assistants, to the doctors; the staff couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful. I am so VERY happy with my experience at New Teeth Now and even happier with my new smile!”
—Penny Snow | Henderson, NY

North Carolina

“The morning of the surgery I came in and the staff of New Teeth Now made me feel very comfortable. I was nervous and they talked to me and they
tried to put me at ease. When I woke up—It was amazing! I was happy with the way my mouth looked. It was like having a new set of teeth given to me. New Teeth Now gave me the gift to be able to look in the mirror and actually see myself, to see the Beverly that I haven’t seen in a very long time.”
—Beverly | Lucama, NC


“I couldn’t be happier with my implants. Dr. Kirkpatrick and the entire staff at New Teeth Now have treated me beyond nice and like I was actually important to them. We live in Ohio and they worked with us on being able to keep our appointments and traveling by car. Total strangers have commented on how beautiful my teeth are. I am eternally grateful for their services.”
—Karl Sikole | St. Clairsville, OH


“When I first started researching dental implants, I researched a lot. I actually looked at going out of the country because of the cost, but I didn’t feel confident about that because I knew I’d be traveling on my own … The professional level, the caring, just the attention to detail at New Teeth Now, I’ve never experienced that. I felt like the whole team had my best interest at heart.”
—Karen Cassidy | Landisville, PA

“From the doctors, nurses, and the rest of team, I felt 100% about my decision. They put me at ease and I’m so glad I chose them to give me my brand new smile. Thank you!”
—Kelei Allen | Pennsylvania Furnace, PA

Rhode Island

“Very professional and friendly staff who understands the decisions to be made and are very helpful and respectful. They provided guidance and acceptance throughout the implant process. I cannot recommend their services more strongly.”
—William Walsh | West Warwick, RI

West Virginia

“Could not be more pleased with my new teeth, the staff and everyone involved. Thank you all so much for giving me my social life back and the ability to smile and laugh without feeling self conscious.”

—Justin Fetty | Saint Marys, WV