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Wayne Arant
Wayne A.
21:12 05 Oct 19
Both Dr. Richards and Dr. Dibbs and their staff were most thorough and professional. I had no surprises and very little pain in the procedures in upper and lower Implants and prosthesis. I am Only sorry I did not make the decision earlier. My teeth are amazing and look like my original teeth. Thomas W. Arant
Roger Krakusin
Roger K.
19:36 24 Sep 19
I have (unfortunately) had more than my share of dental experiences, some good, some OK and some just bad. But, wirhout exception the service provided by Florida Dental Implants (particularly Dr. Richards) has been the best I've ever had. He put in a lower bridge of seven teeth supported by four implants to replace a failed bridge. The whole procedure only took a couple of hours and was stress-free and totally without complications. I didn't need any pain reliever afterwards and left the office with a beautiful set of temporary lower teeth (replaced by an even better permanent set a little later on). I only wish I had done it much sooner. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Ann Gibson
Ann G.
18:11 23 Sep 19
I had a great experience at New Teeth Now. The staff was so nice and very helpful. I drove 2 and a half hours there and back everytime for my appointments because they are the best. Dr.. Kirkpatrick did an outstanding job on my implants. He is as good as they say, The doctors at New Teeth now are the best in the country , if now the world. Very few in the world can do what the surgeons at New Teeth Now can do. The wonderful woman from the lab that creates New Teeth for you is very humble and kind and does an excellent job. The ladies up front are warm and welcoming and the girls in the back are very professional , intelligent and sweet. Melanie was a great listener and big help for me and Dr. Dibbs is the the best restorative doctor you can be blessed with. Everything went well to the tee. Very professional and you are in good hands.
Sharon Rowe
Sharon R.
01:59 12 Sep 19
In no way could I be happier with my new teeth! No more Polident, no more gummy look with collapsed jaws, and I can SMILE without being ashamed. Nothing I eat loosens them. Until I got my first set of partials, I could whistle louder than guys and had very clear speech, with good enunciation. Partials ruined me! Well, no more lisp, I can whistle really loud or can whistle a soft tune. Until one goes thru three sets of upper and lower partials, none of which fit well, no one can understand my joy! An extra bonus is getting to brush my teeth with them in my mouth and not my hand. Thank you EVERYONE at New Teeth Now! It was worth every round trip from St Pete to Lakeland!
Reginald Wright
Reginald W.
16:08 26 Aug 19
Dr. Richards and his staff are “ The Best “
15:59 14 Apr 19
I appreciate all that Doctors Richards and Dibbs and their staff did for me in improving my life. I can now smile and enjoy eating foods that were once difficult (to say the least) for me to bite into. Many people compliment me on my teeth. Thank you so very much. GW
Andy Robertson
Andy R.
20:13 05 Apr 19
Dr Kirkpatrick and his staff are amazing. He addressed every issue (all minor) and his girls always had a positive attitude and really seemed to care. Very happy with my new teeth and so glad I finally did it. Best experience I have had with a dental procedure!
Peter Schalow
Peter S.
18:57 05 Apr 19
After six month from the surgery I received my final teeth and am very pleased with them. It's over 3 months now, they look great, I get compliments, can bite any food and they feel good. Hearing from friend who did similar surgeries, what kind of issues they had, I really recommend New Teeth Now! The process was easy and painless, the team does a superb job in treating you to the last detail. I am such a happy client, no more bleeding gums, bad breath, just beauty!
S. Andrew Schwartz
S. Andrew S.
14:24 05 Apr 19
Truly amazing process and I remain extremely impressed with how painless and smooth the upper and lower implants went. I no longer have pain and bleeding gums, bad breath and annoying constant dental visits. My quality of life has improved tremendously and I couldn't be happier! Thanks New Teeth Now - you guys rock!
09:50 05 Apr 19
I started wearing dentures when I was 16 years old. Needless to say, over the years I had dozens of them. They all did the job of covering the fact that I had lost some teeth, but that was all they were good for. When I couldn't get a descent set for my bottom teeth, I went to New Teeth Now and had both the upper and lower done. That was 5 years ago, and to this day I am so grateful for what they have done for me. I never think of them as other than my real teeth - - there is no reason to!! The only problem I can think of is that they tend to make you gain weight He He. Thanks to Dr. Richards, Dr. Dibbs and all the staff at New Teeth Now.
Lee McGuire
Lee M.
00:49 05 Apr 19
I went to New Teeth Now after another dentist gave me a "Smile Makeover" that was less than satisfactory. He put in 2 implants and they both fell out a few weeks later! I needed to do something to get the smile I wanted. After my best friend had his teeth replaced at New Teeth Now I was very impressed with the results.I went in to see Dr Kirkpatrick and he and his staff are very professional and caring. He replaced my upper teeth and I couldn't be happier with the results! It's a long process to get to the final result but I looked forward to every visit. Not a day goes by that I don't get compliments about my new teeth. Thanks to everyone at New Teeth Now!
Yvette Thomas
Yvette T.
18:10 04 Apr 19
The doctors and staff is excellent. Highly recommend
Todd Jerkins
Todd J.
13:41 04 Apr 19
This place changed my life all in one day.Dr Kirkpatrick is the best dentist in the state.if you are looking for perfection this is the place.i researched every one and this is the best place in the south.im glad I chose new teeth now.everbody says the same thing I wish I would have done it sooner.god bless
David Carr
David C.
23:37 02 Apr 19
My first time at a Florida Gators game, the camera crew came by, I showed my new Beautiful Smile and I was on the Big Screen OMG! Being self employed your Presence and Character mean a lot ! This process with NEW TEETH NOW has been a Pleasure ! The Professionalism the cleanness and the Aftercare is totally there. I love my new look ! David Carr
Charlie Medina
Charlie M.
13:18 02 Apr 19
I am coming up on my one year anniversary of having my implants done by Dr.Richards. I can't be more happier with the results of my new teeth, and being able to eat anything I want, and most of all, not being afraid of smiling again. The whole team at New Teeth have been so friendly and a joy to work with and very professional, from my first visit with Ashely and Dr Richards to my most recent check up with Dr Dibbs, it has been a rewarding experience. After years of expensive dental work and dealing with loose bridges and other issues with my teeth, I'm so glad when I moved down to Florida and found New Teeth. It has changed my life as far as my health and self confidence, thank you again Dr. Richards and all the people on your team.Sincerely,Charlie
Bethany Wilhelm
Bethany W.
16:21 28 Mar 19
Dr. Kirkpatrick, Dr. Nofallah, and the NTN team made getting my dental implants a wonderful experience. Not only did I leave the day of surgery with perfect teeth, but I was also walked through every step of the implant process and got to give my input. Everyone at New Teeth Now was open and friendly, and I felt cared for and listened to at every step.
Keelie Hammond
Keelie H.
13:54 15 Mar 19
Susan Brett
Susan B.
12:29 13 Mar 19
Efficient, punctual and caring. No nonsense. Great job.
Ann Marie Gibb
Ann Marie G.
18:23 04 Feb 19
I am going on seven years this February of having my implants done at New Teeth Now. Seven years of enjoying any foods I care to eat, and best of all being able to chew them well, with no discomfort whatsoever.It was a big investment, but one of the best I have made in my health, and overall enjoyment of my senior years.I remember that day I went through the procedure so well. I never had any real pain,, and did not use any pain drugs afterwards. Discomfort for a few days, but never suffered in any way, I had a prescription I could have used for pain, but didn't need even need to have it filled.I highly recommend New Teeth Now.Happy as can be to celebrate these past seven years eating out, or in my own home with no worries of can I chew that? Yes I can!!!
Deb Rapp
Deb R.
22:59 01 Feb 19
Pamela Brooks
Pamela B.
01:43 26 Jan 19
16:03 28 Sep 18
Gradiva Primus
Gradiva P.
03:29 07 Sep 18
Prior to my surgery I did my research. The largest concern was of course the cost. After making my Pros vs Cons list I decided to move forward. My thought is this. I love me. If I can spend $40K to purchase a car (might I add the value of that vehicle depreciates the moment it is driven off the lot) or a down payment on your home or any other major purchase then I can definitely spend it on me. Those are all materialistic items. Nothing can be compared to the betterment of my health. ( I have encountered major health issues in past 3 years) I am a daughter, wife, mom, grandmother, sibling of 7 with many more relationships that I love and cherish. Spending $40K on myself was no longer a factor. The confidence I've gained is indescribable!!! Just go ahead and do it for yourself. Financing is available and the staff is amazing.
Bill jordan
Bill J.
01:56 27 Aug 18
It has been 1 week since my Surgery. Dr. Richards and his team removed 19 (I believe) of my natural teeth (all I had left). They installed 6 anchors to my lower jaw and 5 to my upper, with at least one being a Zygomatic Dental Implant. I have a New Set of teeth in just 1 day !! I gotta tell ya, I feel Fantastic !! I look Great !! Just look at the pictures... Minor black and blue, that showed up on day 3. Very little swelling. I ate a chicken salad sandwich on day 2. I feel like I could eat a steak, but I have to wait (Doctors orders.... I am so very happy I went to New Teeth Now! The Facility is state of the art. very clean. All of the people I met were very friendly, upbeat and positive. I was treated very well. A BIG THANK YOU to all of the Staff !!
Sheryl H
Sheryl H
16:11 23 Aug 18
I had a really good experience with this process. Every step has been explained in detail and I'm feeling much more confident. The entire staff has been great.
Paul Bernhagen
Paul B.
20:35 20 Aug 18
From the initial seminar, to the preop meeting, to the procedure and the many follow up visits Dr Kirkpatrick is the best. He is very thorough in describing the hybrid teeth replacement procedure and obviously very experienced in performing the procedure. He has done over 400 of them. I never felt rushed when meeting with him. He took the time to answer all my questions and whenever I called the office I got a prompt and professional response. He would not even let me do the procedure until I met with a normal dentist to see if saving/restoring my teeth would be a better option. The hybrid procedure was determined to be the best long term solution. The whole procedure went as expected arriving at 7:30 in the morning and leaving around 4:30 with a whole new set of temporary teeth. The temporary teeth are the best set of dentures you have ever seen and they are permanently attached just like the final teeth will be. Everybody says to keep them. The reason behind the two sets of teeth are to give your gums time to heal so when the final teeth are made everything fits perfectly. I will get my final teeth in about two months and I can't wait to see how fantastic they will look. The final teeth are made out of zirconia. I will again have the opportunity to have the final teeth made as I want, from the shape to the color. I had 28 teeth removed including 3 wisdom teeth. Pretty amazing results. Some swelling, bruising and black eyes, but no real pain. Everything went as he described. His staff was outstanding and the facilities are the best around. I wish all practices were run this way. It makes going to the dentist a pleasurable experience. Dr. Kirkpatrick and his whole staff are the best.
Joseph Mansueto
Joseph M.
19:10 16 Aug 18
Dr Kirkpatrick and his staff were very caring and took the time to listen, really listen to my concerns. My procedure was a success and am now in the follow up stage. What a great organization. I will recommend Dr Kirkpatrick to anyone who is interested in changing their life. Thank you all so much.
Rochelle Rivers
Rochelle R.
18:09 16 Aug 18
Taylor Akram
Taylor A.
16:52 16 Aug 18
Dr. Richards and his staff are super awesome! At new teeth now everyone takes such great care of you and they are very nice and compassionate, Also the office coordinator Ashley is Amazing, everytime i call or im in the office shes so helpful and goes above and beyond to take care of what i need! I highly recommend new teeth now!!!
Fronto Hotgrabba
Fronto H.
12:20 14 Jul 18
Grace Salas
Grace S.
18:14 30 May 18
Lenore Devore
Lenore D.
17:55 15 May 18
My husband and I have both had extractions and implants by Dr. Kirkpatrick. Dental work is never pleasant, but Dr. Kirkpatrick and his staff make you feel like you are the only ones in the place, even when it's packed. Their caring yet professional attitude makes this an investment worth doing. Neither of us are done yet, but we are both happy with the results so far! Perfection takes time.
Jeanne Reilly
Jeanne R.
03:42 27 Mar 18
Dr Richard and staff you can't go wrong if you consider their services.
Brenda Thompson
Brenda T.
21:58 06 Mar 18
About Face Design Team
About Face Design T.
19:37 01 Mar 18
I have had the privilege of working with New Teeth Now for many years.As a makeup artist, I have had a unique and enlightening perspective on the company, from a behind the scenes look. Seeing the before and after pictures never gets old to me and I am constantly amazed at the difference a beautiful smile (along with a little makeup) can make in someones appearance and self confidence. I have listened to numerous testimonials of how positive the experience is. One lady kept referring to the staff as "the New Teeth Now family" because she truly felt that they had become like family to her.I have witnessed first hand of how the entire staff is not only professional and the best at what they do, but also how genuinely caring and respectful they are to each patient. The common statement I have heard over and over from their patients?"I am extremely happy and the investment was well worth it! The regrets? Not one...only wished they had done it sooner. I sincerely and highly recommend them!Gina S.
Dominic M
Dominic M
03:28 21 Feb 18
lauren malta
lauren M.
11:52 08 Feb 18
Thomas Kay
Thomas K.
18:20 23 Jan 18
This was the BEST decision I have made regarding my overall health and wellness!!! The entire Staff at New Teeth Now, from the initial webinar, the initial consultation all the way through the final meetings have exceeded any possible expectations I could have had.New Teeth Now is Professional, Kind, Accommodating, Sensitive to the entire process and they make me feel excited to go back for the follow ups.Every Staff Member has been beyond GREAT!!!THANK YOU New Teeth Now!!!
Victoria Ferrand
Victoria F.
19:04 05 Jan 18
This is one of the most professional and friendly businesses I have had the pleasure to deal with! Something that scared me so much, even after seeing an oral surgeon in Tampa and paying 500.00 for a consultation and leaving with more fear, I searched online and found these sweet girls who talked me into coming to Lakeland and seeing their doctors! And for a 50.00 consultation and a wonderful experience I am so grateful I did! Met some new friends and the procedure went with ease! I hear horror stories from people who had had the same procedure done and I am telling everyone to make the drive! Thank you all from the hello as you enter to the final appointment you will be sorry to say goodbye! Dr. RICHARDs Emily, Grace , Tabitha, Amanda, Ashley and bailey! Thank you!!!
Mark Payne
Mark P.
20:05 13 Dec 17
I was desparate to find a solution to my gum disease issue. I repeatedly saw commercials on TV and the internet about New Teeth Now. After realizing it was so close, we set up an appointment with my entire family to have a consultation. Altho each family member had unique needs, mine was the most severe. After about a year I decided to have the procedure done and wow what a life changing experience. The doctors and staff were professional, pleasant, informative, generous and patient. I am so very happy with my teeth now and smile all the time, not fearing how my teeth look. I highly recommend New Teeth Now!
Robert Hay
Robert H.
17:57 09 Dec 17
My rating of new teeth now,I think they are one of the best in the usa for dental surgery and implants,my treatment for full mouth replacement teeth and implants, was completed ina day with total professional treatment start to finish, all the team with dr Richards,leading the team made my stay with them so easy i can not thank them enough.The backup care is one hundred percent very impressed, i can not rate them high enoughso a big thankyou to dr Richards and all his team they were great.I would recommmend them to any one who needs treatment . So a big thankyou to all of you, Bob H.
Elizabeth Cruz
Elizabeth C.
17:04 08 Dec 17
I needed a tooth pulled and an implant. Dr Musser did the work. His staff is so wonderful and friendly and the procedures were both quick and relatively painless (I had local anesthesia). I recommend this facility
Shirley Nicholls
Shirley N.
22:56 30 Nov 17
I live in the UK and chose to have my full mouth implants carried out by Dr Richards after hearing him speak at a presentation. It's nearly two months now since my surgery and I can smile without feeling embarrassed. The whole of the staff are so professional and helpful and make sure you know what's going to happen every step of the way, Shawna, Dr Richards coordinator was exceptional. Looking forward to my permanent zirconium teeth in four months time.
Boston George
Boston G.
23:35 13 Nov 17
What is the cost of NTN?
Ione Mendoza
Ione M.
21:19 08 Oct 17
Natasha Scott
Natasha S.
23:50 27 Sep 17
Highly recommend! The staff is friendly and professional!
14:22 27 Sep 17
This place is so amazing! The customer service was impeccable! I would highly recommend them!
Michael Hollingsworth
Michael H.
20:52 26 Sep 17
I was totally amazed that my bad teeth could be replaced with 12 implants and a full set of upper and lower temporary teeth in one visit while I slept! I am now a true believer! Dr. Richards and his staff are great! The facility is beautiful and I look forward to my follow up appointments. Thank You!
Josh Sessums
Josh S.
23:01 06 Aug 17
I had my wisdom teeth taken out by Dr. Musser and his team. I was spot with my overall experience and could not say that a clinic in Florida can beat New Teeth Now. They have the best of the best surgeons, well trained staff and nurses, an exceedingly clean clinic, and ultimately great results.
E x P L o D
E x P L o D
13:20 21 Jul 17
The BEST!!
ben gould
ben G.
17:37 27 Jun 17
was great with my daughter when she had her 4 wisdom teeth taken out staff and DR. were great recommend them to every one
Alicia Walden
Alicia W.
14:17 06 Apr 17
Great staff and great Dr! I ended up with 2 dry sockets and everyone was wonderful in making sure that I was out of pain quickly! I always felt welcomed and comfortable at the office and with the staff/dr!
maradasa maradasa
maradasa M.
15:31 26 Mar 17
Love the place !
Leah Aponte
Leah A.
13:00 20 Mar 17
I recently visited Dr Harley Richards for my recent oral surgery for extractions and implants. I was so nervous about my procedure, but Dr Richards and his entire staff were so comforting. They explained the procedure and took their time to ensure that my needs are met. From the call to make my appointment to the moment I stepped into the chair, I have never felt so cared for by a dental staff ever. Thank you Korrie, Denise, Gracie & Dr. Richards. I love my New Teeth Now 🙂
Dean Jarnac
Dean J.
21:53 15 Mar 17
I had a very positive pain free experience and was very pleased with my results. I have one negative comment. The only people to introduce themself to me were Dr. Richards and Debbie Enfinger. I can not tell you the name of my Anesthesiologist , the kind woman in recovery and the person who put the implant in my mouth. I was not able to address them because "Hey you! " seemed a little inappropriate. If they had only taken a few seconds to say "I am_______ and I will be your______." I would have felt so much more comfortable. Despite this I would certainly recommend Florida Dental.
G Gordon
G G.
19:19 23 Feb 17
Emma Thompson
Emma T.
19:13 23 Feb 17
Wonderful work, I would highly recommend to a friend/family.
Kim Bessette
Kim B.
15:07 14 Feb 17
The Doctors and staff have gone out of their way to be accommodating to our special needs. My friend George is partially paralized due to a bicycle accident a year and a half ago. He is confined to a wheel chair, but they move him around just where they need him. It doesn't make it easy to work on him....but everyone makes him feel special any way. George had never been to the dentist before in his life. This experience has been wonderful and with a beautiful smile, he is treated differently by everyone. I can't thank you all enough for what a big change you have made in the life of George. Nothing short of AMAZING!!!!
Dave Miller
Dave M.
16:33 13 Feb 17
Very good experience. Doctor and staff were very concerned with my well being and paid attention to every detail of my care. I highly recommend Dr Richards and the rest of the staff.
Danielle Moore
Danielle M.
20:59 01 Feb 17
Lauren Hatchell
Lauren H.
21:06 27 Jan 17
Amazingly kind and thorough staff at a very clean facility! I have zero complaints about my visit and surgery.
RCS Plumbing
16:45 26 Jan 17
The entire staff is just exceptional ! Dr. Musser did an awesome job on my teeth. We recommend you to everyone. I was so surprised at how little pain I had, and how natural they feel.
Jack & Sylvia Dockx
Jack & Sylvia D.
00:01 24 Jan 17
An excellent experience at New Teeth Now.I had to have an extraction of a large No. 2 Tooth recently.As a patient who was concerned, because I am on the medication, Warfarin. Dr. David Kirkpatrick performed the procedure after explaining everything that would be happening. He and his nurse did an outstanding job.I was very pleased with the entire staff at New Teeth Now.Thank you again, Dr. Kirkpatrick
Jodie Nicoll
Jodie N.
20:18 22 Jan 17
Love the place !
David Bostrom
David B.
18:11 21 Jan 17
Service was professional and personable from start to finish.
Sally Garland
Sally G.
21:30 16 Jan 17
Joseph Geary
Joseph G.
19:09 16 Jan 17
I had a tooth that shattered and needed to be extracted. Dr. Richards and his staff were wonderfully accommodating, kind and professional.
Daisy Campos
Daisy C.
22:20 08 Jan 17
My name is I. Soto, I don't have word for describe my experience, excellent and awesome service! I never like dentist, but by the time that I need it after several research and suddenly know this office will be the place. Dr Musser and his team are so professional and competent!! The procedure was so incredible that I never feel any pain, I can continuous working and doing my normal life. I always will be so grateful to all the team, the girl in the front desk, Grace, and Maria and the rest of the nurse, I just feel so happy , and only have to say THANK YOU to Dr Musser and his girls!!!!
Jeff Olson
Jeff O.
15:31 04 Jan 17
Dr Kirkpatrick did a fantastic job.actually everybody did.I couldn't be more happy with the results .
Jeanette Norman
Jeanette N.
20:52 28 Dec 16
Very nice, we were treated with kindness and very professional!
Susan Bigalow
Susan B.
20:31 27 Dec 16
My experience with this group of wonderful people was exceptional! Everyone is professional, of course, but, they are also understanding and sympathetic to what their patients are going through. Exceptional staff, exceptional dentists and exceptional people! Thank you!
Ty Thomas
Ty T.
03:28 23 Dec 16
Excellent and Awesome service!!! Dr. Kirkpatrick is the man!!!!! I was a big chicken when it came to the dentist and didn't see one for over 30 years, to say the least I was in need of a dental makeover and Dr. Kirkpatrick and his staff came to the rescue. I shopped around prior to meeting with Dr. K and his staff. Prior to meeting with Dr. K I had committed to another dentist to do my work, after I met with Dr. K there was a big change of plans. Although they were a bit more than some others, it was well worth the extra coin! From the initial consultation to post surgery and all the follow ups, his Dr. K and his staff have been professional, knowledgeable and very friendly!!!! Even a follow up appointment that needed local anesthesia went flawless, I did not feel not one needle! This guy is simply amazing!!! Let's not forget his staff, they are awesome, gentle and super friendly!!!! If you are looking to have some dental work done, look no further than Dr. Kirkpatrick and New Teeth Now you will not regret it!!! Thank You Dr. Kirkpatrick!!!!!!
Marissa Morgan
Marissa M.
18:52 22 Dec 16
trin bean
trin B.
17:37 19 Dec 16
The best oral surgery/dentist office in Polk County!!!!! I absolutely love Dr. Harley Richards and his staff always greets me with a smile and very respectful. If you're needing a kind and warm environment as dentists can be scary this is the place to go..... definitely recommend this place to everyone!!! Thanks for all yall do its very much appreciated
Jessica Joiner
Jessica J.
19:31 07 Dec 16
The young lady at the front desk, Grace, made us feel welcome as soon as we walked in the office. She answered all our questions and made us feel at ease. The staff in the back were all wonderful also. The whole experience went better than we could have expected.
Johnny DeLaTorres
Johnny D.
21:35 30 Nov 16
My name is Johnny, I'm a 52 year s old, I'm still young in heart and love to socialize with people, but my teeth stopped me from really being myself because I had bad teeth, then no teeth,then dentures, but once I was blessed to have the Implants procedure done my whole life has changed for the best, the staff and the doctors were awesome from the first day I enter the facility they treated me with respect and kindness and made the process as easy and comfortable as possible, because I was nervous, but they are wonderful and my New life is wonderful, my confidence socializing with people now it's so amazing, I laugh with and smile with the confidence I never had in a long time, Florida Dental Implants I recommend them to anyone who's going through what I went through when my teeth where ugly, I felt ugly, thanks to Florida Dental Implants, I'm a beautiful new born man and I'm so happy and blessed I'm crying tears of joy,thank you all the staff and doctors at Florida Dental Implants, you gave me my life back. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Sara Yearicks
Sara Y.
23:18 23 Nov 16
I had my wisdom teeth removed here and had a great experience. The staff was very friendly and helpful. It is a very clean and professional office. It was a quick process and I would definitely choose them if I need any additional dental work in the future.
Toshia Willis
Toshia W.
00:19 22 Nov 16
I have confidence in the staff's abilities to assist & answer questions when needed. Each visit I'm greeted from the receptionist with smiles & welcomes. Although I've had pain I feel the staff keeps me informed, gives me helpful tips for a speedy recovery. The staff is wonderful, polite & willingly to assist each visit. The office environment is clean & updated.
Anabel Solis
Anabel S.
22:29 21 Nov 16
Had my wisdom teeth taken out here and I was so nervous!! But the staff and doctor made me feel comfortable and I was in and out before I knew it. Clean office and wonderful staff. Would definitely recommend.
S Hotaling
S H.
16:15 18 Nov 16
Dr. Kirkpatrick and his entire dental team were absolutely AMAZING! Thank you to everyone from the receptionist to the billing ladies to the anesthesiologist and Dr. Kirkpatrick and his entire dental team. The love and compassion they showed to my son who was getting a minor surgery done was more than I could've ever asked for. I would highly recommend Dr. Kirkpatrick to anyone and especially anyone with children. Thank yall again for everything!-Shannah
Bob W
Bob W
14:59 17 Nov 16
Miss Hazel (at the spry age of 93!) had lost or broken the remaining few teeth in her upper jaw, with hints of future pains increasing in the lower jaw. She explored every option for replacement, and finally declared "I don't want to see my teeth floating in a cup on the nightstand every evening!". This made her, perhaps, the eldest recipient of dental implants (upper AND lower) that Dr. Kirkpatrick had ever encountered, but he and his well-knowledged staff showed that age truly made no difference. From the initial consultation, the actual procedure and, now, follow-up visits, the staff at New Teeth Now continually show a level of skill, care and concern rarely found in what is rapidly becoming a "smile-in-a day" industry (where that is about the ONLY amount of time and attention given to a patient!). Hazel is now smiling and laughing more than ever, and has long since forgotten the habit of holding her hand, newspaper, of magazine over her mouth, as she speaks or eats. Dr. Kirkpatrick and the brilliant team at Florida Dental Implant and Oral Surgery are definitely the best in their business!
Pamela Fugate
Pamela F.
02:30 10 Nov 16
Emily Gordon
Emily G.
20:30 02 Nov 16
Daniel Salas
Daniel S.
00:54 29 Oct 16
Awesome staff ! (: Quality care
David Salas
David S.
00:52 29 Oct 16
Chris Austin
Chris A.
18:27 21 Oct 16
I am a 63 year old female, who has had lifelong teeth issues. My own teeth have been crowned and bridged since my early twenties, it's obvious that after some 40 years these crowns and bridges were doomed to fail, and so they did. I live in the UK but spend a few months a year in Florida. So it was on the Bay News 9 channel that I had watched 'Newteethnow's commercial.I have to say I did not believe this could be achieved in one day, as in the UK it would take many many months of painful surgery to be able to have just an 'all on four' procedure and also would mean wearing a removable denture in the interim This coupled with the fact it would be carried out under local anesthesia, made up my mind, and I booked an appointment with Dr Kirkpatrick a man young enough to be my son. After a detailed and thorough examination it was agreed I was a good candidate for this procedure however I would need to add to my procedure two zygoma implants because my bone in certain areas was not quite enough and these longer implants would ensure more stability. It was with great trepidation that I arrived on the day of surgery, the thought of five hours under general anesthesia and all that it entailed was extremely nerve wracking. Post surgery there was swelling and a bit of bruising, but at no time whatsoever have I experienced pain. I am a year post surgery now and I will not say it has been a walk in the park, I have had to learn to speak and eat again, things are different. Would I do it again 'Yes' in a heartbeat, I am so pleased with the aesthetic look of my new teeth, even the temporaries were pretty good and the permanents even better. I can smile again something I never did which showed teeth, I am no longer camera shy. It has hugely boosted my confidence. Dr Kirkpatrick and his wonderful team are miracle workers. If you are thinking of having this done, think no longer, yes it can be done in just one day!One thing I forgot to add was that I had every single tooth in my jaw removed and my new teeth now are both top and bottom sets the top on 6 implants and the bottom on four they feel very stable I can eat everything that I haven't been able to for forty years.Anybody wishing to ask me questions especially those in the UK I would be more than happy to be of help, after all I have had it done in real life.
Tammi Clav
Tammi C.
15:26 11 Oct 16
This is the second time i have had oral surgery at the clinic of Dr. Musser and Dr. RIchards. The first time in 2002 i had all my wisdom teeth taken out by Dr. Richards and he did an amazing job. The second time on 10/3/16 Dr.Musser took out four of my teeth and he also did an amazing job the staff there are also amazing and kind and made me feel so comfortable and like i was family i have horrible anxiety with going to the dentist and they all made me feel at ease and everything turned out so well i would recommend them to anyone i think they are the best all around. Thank you everyone who helped me i appreciate it very much Thank you so much i give you five starTammi Claville
Kevin Melendez
Kevin M.
00:20 01 Oct 16
Wonderful,wonderful staff. They have showed me great care and made me feel as comfortable as I possibly could. From doctors,nurses to their location and facility I could not ask for better
Kimberly Meany
Kimberly M.
17:39 06 Sep 16
Hi,If you are thinking of having this done and are seconding guessing it, don't. I know that feeling of "my right arm being cut off". But let me tell you from going through it myself. I only felt like that for only 20 minutes and from that point on I always felt like I've had my teeth. I can't thank New Teeth Now enough and how much I appreciate Dr. Kirkpatrick and the staff who did an awesome job. Thank you 🙂
Gmail Account
Gmail A.
07:03 16 Jul 16
Dr Kirkpatrick extracted my lower moler. I was chewing on a snickers I had frozen, And a long story short, It chipped the the corner of my tooth which already had a large filling in it. He suggested a crown however I wanted it out as I'll more than likely get an implant later on. The office is absolutely stunning, Clean, And the staff are incredible. I have been to a dentistry before and never had quite an experience I had at new teeth now... David seems to be the type to go the extra mile, Always. His attention to detail and consistently making sure I was alright or numb enough was not really what I had experienced with other dentists. Whether it was the music he fitted to my liking before the procedure, Giving me pina - colada flavoured numbing gel, Or even fitting me with a comfortable tool which holds my jaw for me ! So I didn't even have to sit there holding my mouth open... You get what you pay for here and more ! Will definitely be my go to dentist from now on.
Deborah Stamp Iturralde
Deborah Stamp I.
13:20 22 Jun 16
From the first greeting at the Front Desk to the final procedure it was a great experience. Everyone there is friendly and so patient-focused. I never felt pressured to hurry with decisions; all of my questions were answered with utmost detail. Dr. K is amazing!! He is so patient and accommodating - so different from many dentists I've used. The procedure was a complete lower implant and there was no problem and no pain. I am still beaming when I tell others about it. I only wish I'd done it sooner.