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Advanced Periodontal Disease Treatment

The mouth is the gateway to an awesome creation. When Periodontal (Gum) Disease and infection in the mouth are left untreated, they will invade an awesome creation – your body. As the bacteria enter the bloodstream through the infected gums, plaque often forms and contributes to clot formation. Clots restrict the flow of blood and can lead to a heart attack or stroke. New Teeth Now specializes in advanced periodontal disease treatment and the placement of dental implants.

Patient Stories

periodontal disease treatment

Before New Teeth Now, William didn’t like to smile. He wanted to be comfortable with his smile when he saw his family at an upcoming wedding, so, we removed all periodontal disease and placed a full set of implant-supported teeth. You can see he’s really enjoying his new smile! Some of our patients decide that an important event is exactly the motivation they need to come in for a consultation and see if New Teeth Now is the right procedure for them!

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Kathy had a bridge and crowns, but her teeth kept failing and she did not want to keep spending time and money with traditional dentistry. She had a full mouth of implant-supported teeth placed with one zygomatic implant for bone loss. Now, her periodontal disease is gone and she is living healthier and happier!

gum disease treatment

Bill had loose, missing teeth with periodontal disease. He wore an upper flipper for aesthetic purposes. After researching possible treatment options for a few years, he decided on the New Teeth Now procedure and received a full set of natural-looking, functional teeth with zygomatic implants for bone loss.

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Glenn came to use with loose, missing teeth, and periodontal disease. He chose Dr. Richards because of his 40 years of dental experience. He had a full-mouth of implant-supported teeth with one zygomatic implant for bone loss. Looking great, Glenn!

periodontitis treatment

Jeremy came to New Teeth Now after years of diagnosed pain and discomfort, that he believed stemmed from periodontal disease. After years of negative symptoms that remained unpredictable, he came to our office for answers. After our single day full mouth implant procedure, Jeremy left our office with that dental pain eradicated. Treatment by Dr. Kirkpatrick left Jeremy with a healthy smile, and a positive outlook on his future overall health as well!

Why is it important to treat Periodontal Disease?

At an early or moderate stage, Gum Disease (Gingivitis) can be maintained through improved oral hygiene. If it becomes more severe, however, Gingivitis can develop into Periodontitis (Periodontal Disease). If not treated, this will develop to Stage 3: Advanced Periodontitis, where severe gum and bone loss lead to tooth loss and can put you at greater risk of health problems. In addition to being approximately twice as likely to suffer from heart disease, those with Periodontal Disease are also more likely to experience a weakened immune system, low preterm birth weight, diabetes, osteoporosis, respiratory diseases, and digestive diseases.

Dental Implants Smile

New Teeth Now Treatment

If you have advanced Periodontal Disease, it’s likely you have missing or loose teeth. If you’ve worn a denture for a number of years, you likely also have experienced severe bone loss. Whatever your situation, New Teeth Now can provide you with implant-supported Zirconia teeth that are designed to last a lifetime. Before placing the dental implants, we’ll remove all the infection from your mouth. As a result, you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel when your body doesn’t have to fight constant bacteria and infections.

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What are Dental Implants?

The dental implant procedure is the placement of permanent, prosthetic teeth that look and function like the real thing. The implant procedure is designed to be painless and provide a smile that lasts a lifetime. When placed by an experienced team of dental implant professionals, the procedure is one of the safest and most successful in dental and cosmetic practices.

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I was told, I am not a dental implant candidate

If you’ve been told you can’t get dental implants due to advanced periodontal disease and bone loss in your mouth, New Teeth Now was created just for you. We’re one of the very few clinics in North America that perform Zygomatic implants. The likelihood that we can’t treat you is slim, and we’re proud to say yes to patients when other dental professionals have said it couldn’t be done.

What Makes Us Different?

We’re different in a couple of ways. First, patients are not told they can’t get dental implants due to bone loss from advanced periodontal disease. Nor do we tell them they’ll need a bone graft for a full arch procedure. Our oral and maxillofacial surgical team has spent years developing a proven technique that requires no bone grafting while ensuring the titanium implants are securely fixed in your mouth. It’s this specialized approach that allows us to give you a new smile in just one day.

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