New Teeth Now FAQs

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From the beginning, our goal with New Teeth Now has been to develop a permanent solution for people who struggle with a mouthful of bad teeth, who are miserable with dentures, or those who have experienced catastrophic effects of periodontal disease.

Many of our patients were desperate. Many were told they were out of options, or treatment would take two to three years, cost a fortune, and couldn’t guarantee permanent relief.

New Teeth Now’s procedure is a proven, successful, permanent solution for these patients. It’s done while you sleep comfortably, with no needles and minimal pain. The procedure takes one day, and at the end of that day, patients go home with a functional set of implant supported teeth.

New Teeth Now provides patients with teeth that are permanently fixed and more natural than alternatives. Once they’re able to enjoy the food they crave and experience the confidence they’ve regained, there is often a significant, positive change in their health and lifestyle. It’s truly a life-changing transformation.

Once patients are satisfied with their research and are ready to move forward with New Teeth Now, they schedule a consultation with one of our highly skilled surgeons and an implant coordinator.

The first thing we do during your consultation is conduct a CT scan of your mouth, jaw, and teeth. The CT scan immediately gives the oral surgeon a high-resolution 3D model to analyze during your consultation. Because of the accurately detailed model of the patient’s facial structure, the surgeon is able to determine exactly where to place implants to ensure a successful procedure, and have it done in one day.

After you arrive on the day of your scheduled procedure, you and anyone accompanying you will be comfortably seated in our amphitheater/waiting area. Soon after, our anesthesiologist will escort you to the procedure room and put you in a nice, comfortable sleep. Teeth will be removed at this time, and the implants placed. The surgeon will then take an impression, or mold, of your mouth.

You’ll then be taken to a recovery room to rest. While you’re waking up, techs in our on-site lab are creating your teeth, which will then be custom fitted to your implants. As with all of our New Teeth Now patients, you will leave that day with a new set of functional teeth.

New Teeth Now approaches the placement of implants with a series of unique and proven methods. This is great news for patients with severe bone loss.

New Teeth Now does not do bone grafting. We don’t have to. Decades of diagnostic experience, the use of angled dental implants, and specialized techniques that allow us to secure implants to the cheekbones means that bone loss has never been a problem for New Teeth Now patients.

The old-fashioned way of grafting bone, placing implants, then constructing teeth can take up to a year or more. We have pioneered diagnostic and surgical techniques to conquer challenges that other dental implant specialists cannot. Our proven technique of placing dental implants successfully without bone grafts means the New Teeth Now procedure can be completed in one day.

If you’ve been told you don’t have enough bone for dental implants, or if the prospect of going to the hospital to have bone taken from your hip, or other extreme procedures is stopping you from finding relief, the simple fact is, New Teeth Now can help you.

We have encountered many patients who experience unease and fear when it comes to dentists and surgical procedures. For many, the first question is, “how much will this hurt?” The answer is quite simply, not much, if at all.

New Teeth Now’s procedure is done entirely under general anesthesia. From our extensive experience, we find that it is the best method to perform the surgery quickly and effectively while keeping our patients totally comfortable for the procedure.

General anesthesia is not just being sedated. Patients are in a deep sleep, so there is no discomfort, no awareness of time during the entire procedure.

In addition, patients are given a long-acting, local anesthetic near the end of the surgery to ensure that they are in no pain whatsoever when they wake up.

Patients have described their amazement at how little pain they experience during and after their dental implant surgeries. Many even skip taking prescription pain meds after the procedure altogether.

For high quality, custom dental implants like the New Teeth Now procedure, the cost is dependent on the specific needs of each patient. Please call for a cost estimate. For a more specific estimate, you will need to schedule a consultation with a coordinator and one of our surgeons to evaluate your case history.

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