What is all on 6

This week, Dr. Richards focused on New Teeth Now’s preference of using 6 implants for full support, coining the term ‘All on 6’. After explaining the buzzword concept of ‘All on 4’ previously, the doctor mentions how some may benefit from 4 implants supporting an arch, but most of, if not all, of his patients, require additional implants for the strongest treatment possible. As one of the founding oral surgeons at Florida Dental Implants and Oral Surgery, Dr. Richards has experienced many improvements in the dental industry that have sparked even more successful treatment plans for patients in need of help.

So, the question this week is: what is ‘All on 6’?

The doctor begins by reiterating his and Dr. Kirkpatrick’s preference for this technique, saying, “It is primarily an upper jaw technique, but we quite frequently place 6 implants in the lower jaw when the patient has enough bone.” In many cases, both doctors elect to place as many titanium implants as necessary for the proper foundational support the patient would need to have their implants last.

All on 6 provides more support

He continues, declaring the advantages of placing 6 implants to support either the upper or lower arch of teeth. Dr. Richards states it simply, saying that, “All on 6’ gives you more support… The forces of biting are transmitting to the jaw bone through the implants.”For example, if you are placing direct pressure on 4 implants, the pressure is still evenly distributed, but not to the optimal extent for the long-term safety and success of the implants. With the placement of 6 implants, the force of bite is minimized on each individual implant as the pressure placed is better spaced across the jaw bone. This can lead to a longer life of the restoration, and help alleviate any potential healing problems with the implants.

How long does the All on 6 procedure take?

When a person has enough bone to accommodate 6 implants, the patient can still leave the office after a single day procedure with implant-supported teeth to heal in. The oral surgeon must place the implants in their optimal locations in the jawbone to ensure long-term safety and strength. Every patient is different and requires a treatment plan catered to them for the best results.

Is there a cost difference between All on 4 and All on 6?

This all sounds like the most beneficial implant-supported teeth solution, but how does placing 6 implants instead of 4, affect the cost? With the New Teeth Now single day procedure, the price does not change depending on the number of implants placed. Dr. Richards puts it simply, saying “We don’t charge by the implant. We charge by the job. And so whether we place 4 implants or 6, the cost is all the same… And we feel that having 6 implants is better than 4.”