Florida Dental Implants and Cosmetic Services

Florida Dental Implants is equipped with 10 operating suites, where we offer dental implants as well as many other types of surgery.

In addition to dental implants, wisdom tooth removal, and cosmetic facial surgery, we also see patients for the following diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical services:

      • Tooth Removal
      • Biopsy
      • Assessment of Oral Disease
      • Oral Cancer Screening
      • Facial Trauma Repair
      • Fractures of the Jaw and Facial Bone
      • General Anesthesia
      • Deep Sedation
      • Local Anesthesia
      • Panoramic Digital Radiography
      • I-CAT scan diagnostic studies
      • Tooth Removal

Anxiety and outright fear of dental procedures causes many people to procrastinate and put off needed dental treatment. Premedications for nervousness, along with modern anesthesia given as a gas or through a vein in the arm, can make this experience easy, safe, and free of pain and anxiety.

Tooth Removal

The removal or extraction of a tooth is the oldest form of dental treatment and actually saved lives before the age of antibiotic therapy. With modern oral surgery and anesthesia techniques, a tooth can be removed without pain and anxiety, and our top implant dentists near Tampa FL are experts at these services.

Biopsy – Similar to Oral Cancer Screening

Any type of abnormal growth in the mouth should be removed. Most of the growths inside the mouth are benign and can be removed if diagnosed early. Usually a small incision is made around the abnormal growth and stitches are placed.

Assessment of Oral Disease

There are a number of diseases that affect your whole body (systemic diseases), but have oral manifestations.

Drs. Musser, Richards, and Kirkpatrick are expert implant dentists in Tampa FL for the diagnosis and treatment of these problems and may work with your physician for your dental implants and other procedures at Florida Dental Implants.

Oral Cancer Screening – Similar to Biopsy

Any red or white patches inside the mouth should be examined immediately by a knowledgeable health care professional. Your general dentist should do an oral cancer screening each time you have your teeth cleaned. Any abnormal growth, swelling, or areas of bleeding should be treated immediately.

It is a well known and documented fact that all types of tobacco products cause oral cancer. When patients also choose to abuse alcohol, their risk of oral cancer is dramatically increased.

Digital Panoramic Radiographs and and I-CAT scans

These technologies are available at Florida Dental Implants and Oral Surgery. A clear picture of the jaws and teeth, along with the sinuses and nasal structures, can be obtained for diagnosing your oral, jaw, and head and neck problems. These imaging techniques require far less radiation than conventional x-rays, and we can immediately see your scans displayed on a computer screen where it can be enhanced a number of ways to yield a greater amount of diagnostic information.

Digital panoramic radiography and computerized axial tomography (I-CAT scan) generate images that are excellent diagnostic tools and are good for the environment. No chemicals for developing and fixing of a conventional x-ray are necessary, and there is no need for toxic waste disposal.

If you are in need of Florida dental implants or one of our other services, contact Florida Dental Implants for a consultation!