Jessica Quinland

This dude is amazing. There’s nobody more on top of his game than Dr. Musser. My husband originally went to another surgeon to get implants. The other surgeon installed bone grafts, which failed, and tried to install a full lower, which failed. Hubby is just short on bone under those gums. That doc gave us our money back, and said he was sorry he couldn’t help. We were so bummed! Dentures are just so contrary to living a meat-eater’s diet! But then……we saw a commercial on Bay News 9 for Dr. Musser. So, we made an appointment, and Dr. Musser took one look at him and said, “let’s get you some teeth!” And he did. All in one day. That was a few years ago. Hubby has full functionality with those teeth, and he’s happy beyond belief. So then I decided Dr Musser needed to rid me of my partial forever. Same deal. Dr. Musser’s confidence comes from knowing what he’s doing and being exceptional at it. Fixed my mouth too. And a shout out to Dr. Dibbs, who created my teeth. I have no idea how he managed to create such natural looking, beautiful teeth when I was missing so many to start with. I got the implants to restore functionality, not to look like a cheerleader. But my smile is now amazing. Dr. Dibbs and Dr. Musser, and all of their support staff are truly pros. I would give them ten stars if I could!

Jessica Quinland, FL