What Is New Teeth Now, and How Can It Help You?

Life should be lived to the fullest. Once you’ve reached your goals of a loving family, a successful career, and an active social life, you have every reason to sit back and enjoy everything you’ve worked for.

But like many, if you suffer from severe dental problems, like periodontal disease, decay, poorly fitted dentures, or even unlucky genetics, those moments of bliss can seem a million miles away.

You can’t eat the foods you love.

You can’t smile at your spouse without worrying about how your teeth look.

You can’t meet someone new with confidence because you’re afraid you’ll be judged by the condition of your teeth.

Dentists throughout your life may have suggested dental implants. Often their prescribed process involves bone grafts and multiple surgeries which can potentially stretch out over the course of several years.

Unfortunately, this was a heartbreaking reality for patients who were in pain and out of options. Thanks to New Teeth Now at Florida Dental Implants, it’s possible to get a beautiful set of implanted teeth all in one place, all in one day.

Imagine waking up from a procedure with minimal pain.

Imagine eating all the foods that were once impossible to enjoy.

Imagine the self-esteem and confidence that comes with having a brilliant, beautiful smile to show off to friends and family.

Imagine yourself with a beautiful set of fully functional, supported teeth implants customized just for you.

How Does It Work?

Your New Teeth Now journey begins with a comprehensive consultation. You’ll meet with a New Teeth Now surgeon and an implant coordinator. They will be your personal guides, accompanying you throughout the entire process. One of the features that make New Teeth Now so unique is the utilization of leading edge, 3D CT scan imaging. With data collected from your high-resolution scan, your personal New Teeth Now surgical team can plan your implant placement with state-of-the-art precision.

On the day of your scheduled New Teeth Now transformation, members of our staff will make your loved ones comfortable in our well-appointed waiting area while you are prepped for surgery. Florida Dental Implants is a world-class surgical center. Your care and comfort are our top priorities. An experienced anesthesia specialist puts you to sleep under general anesthesia and allows the surgical team to begin your transformation while you sleep comfortably.

Prior to surgery day, there is REAL magic taking place in our on-site lab. It’s here where the precision of the 3D CT scan and your pre-procedure impressions are used to craft a custom, accurately fitted set of implant supported teeth . . . YOUR perfect smile.

As you are waking up from your surgery in one of our private recovery areas, with your family by your side, your new set of teeth is being brought down from the lab to be fitted and affixed to your new titanium implants. It only takes a few minutes before you are handed a mirror and get to take the first look at your forever smile.

A professional, caring staff, the world-class surgery center, the on-site lab . . . These are the factors that make the difference, allowing us to give our patients a new set of beautiful teeth in just one day.

Don’t wait a single day more. Call the Florida oral surgery professionals at Florida Dental Implants and schedule your New Teeth Now consultation today.