The Right Doctor for the Job!

So, you love your dentist. You’ve been a patient for years. You’re always greeted by name and with a warm smile. Your dentist “gets” you. And despite your slight, lingering anxiety about having major dental work done, you trust him to make good decisions about your oral health.

But for a decision as important as choosing the right doctor to surgically place implants that will last a lifetime, don’t you think you should get a second opinion?

When you choose New Teeth Now, you are choosing a team of three highly experienced, world-renowned surgeons. They all are board certified Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons with over 80 years of combined experience. Our surgeons are specialists in implant dentistry and routinely perform the New Teeth Now Procedure every day.

On average, our surgical teams handle 300 full arch cases each year. Also, our surgeons are supported by a specialized team of experienced restorative dentists. These skilled professionals are well trained and dedicated to the care of New Teeth Now patients. They are there to make certain you are completely satisfied with the look, fit, and feel of your new teeth.

So keep your dentist, but when it comes to finding a professional who understands the complexity of dental implant surgery, get a second opinion from the best. Consider putting yourself in the capable, caring hands of the doctors and staff at Florida Dental Implants.