When Other Implant Doctors Turn Patients Away

When you are choosing a doctor for your dental implant procedure, you want to know you are in the care of a highly experienced surgeon that specializes in dental implants—a dental surgeon with a proven track record of success.

Have you or someone you know been turned away because they were deemed “untreatable”?

Some patients are told they are not good candidates for dental implant surgery because they lack the bone to support traditional dental implants. Sometimes, a series of time-consuming bone grafts are prescribed. The bone grafting process can last for months, causing undue stress and inconvenience on the patient. In other cases, providers may turn you away simply because they do not have the proper knowledge, training or resources to help you.

All three board certified surgeons at Florida Dental Implants have the knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art technology to solve the challenges your case presents. They have over 80 years of dental experience and performed over fifteen thousand dental implants. At Florida Dental Implants, the likelihood that you will be deemed as untreatable for dental implants is slim. The New Teeth Now world class surgical center is one of the few places in the world equipped to provide patients with zygomatic dental implants in one day. These specialized implants allow our surgeons to successfully treat those who have previously been told they are not implant candidates.

Second Opinions are important. If you need a solution for your severe dental problems or ill-fitting dentures, and have been told implants are not an option, call New Teeth Now today. Get your second opinion from the leader in dental implant surgery and technology.