Can Dental Implants Really Be Done in a Day?

Illustration of a clock and a tooth on pink background

Answer: Full mouth dental implant procedures can be performed with teeth placed in the same day. Single dental implants cannot.

This article explains what makes same-day full arch dental implant procedures possible, and why single dental implants are a longer process.

Single Dental Implants Process Length

In many cases of single tooth failure, bone grafting will be required to build up density in the underlying bone before an implant can be placed. The healing time for a bone graft is generally 4-6 months. After the bone graft has healed, the implant can be placed. However, a crown usually will not be placed that same day. The implant must first undergo the process of osseointegration (fusion with the jawbone), which can take 3-6 months. If a crown was fitted on the implant during this period, chewing and brushing would likely apply too much pressure onto the implant and cause it to shift. This could result in a slanted implant, displacement of the surrounding teeth, or even implant failure. Therefore, it’s best to wait until the osseointegration process has matured before placing the crown.

Same-Day Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedures

Though bone loss is likely present in cases of full arch dental implant procedures, bone grafting may not be necessary. Unlike single implants where a surgeon only has one location in the jawbone for implant placement, a full arch case can have implants placed in any location in the jaw with suitable bone density. In cases of severe bone loss in the upper jaw, zygomatic implants can be placed instead of a bone graft. A full arch prothesis will be fixed to 4-6 implants distributed throughout the jaw. This allows pressure from chewing/brushing to be evenly distributed throughout the entire jaw and not applied to any individual crown/implant. Because of this, the teeth can be placed in the same day as the extractions and implant placement.

Can I Receive My Permanent Teeth the Same Day as Surgery?

Even though a full arch of teeth can be placed in one day, it’s recommended that these same-day teeth be a temporary fitting. At New Teeth Now, we fit you with a lightweight set of acrylic teeth for you to wear while your implants fuse with your jawbone over a 6-month period. These allow for less strain on your healing implants and can be easily adjusted if needed. Throughout this period, your gum line will recede slightly. After 6 months, you can be fitted with a permanent set of zirconia teeth that best suit your gum line and bite.