Award-Winning Short about Face Masks and Oral Health

Award Winning Short about Face Masks and Oral Health

What Happens ‘When the Mask Goes Away’?

This story is not about something as simple as “mouth mask,” or bad breath caused by wearing a face mask for long periods of time. While masks can be an inconvenience, many people who have missing teeth or suffer from periodontal disease have come to see their masks as a way to hide serious oral issues. But hiding behind a mask is not a permanent solution or an alternative to seeking real treatment.

In this award-winning short film, we explore the idea of two people meeting and developing an exciting new relationship behind masks. Emboldened by his face covering, a man with severe oral problems secretly kindles a fondness for a grocery store cashier. His mask gives him the confidence he needs to take a chance on love. As circumstances change, he realizes his time hiding behind a mask is coming to an end. He’s faced with a choice. Either he can hide his smile forever, avoiding the woman he has his heart set on, or he can make an investment to change his life for good.

Spoiler alert! The gentleman playing the protagonist in this video is both a professional actor and an actual New Teeth Now patient. The “mask off” scene at the end was filmed less than three weeks after his surgery.

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The contents of this video are fictional and do not represent the current CDC guidelines for your area. For information regarding COVID safety protocol at New Teeth Now, click here.