What Are All-on-4 Dental Implants?

From crowns to dentures to implants, the dental industry is constantly improving and creating new ways for patients with dental problems to find health and happiness again. So, how does one begin to do the research behind the leading dental option for them? Finding the best solution for dental health starts with the correct research. With all of the information out there about different treatment plans, it can be difficult to find succinct and professional opinions from qualified sources.

Follow along with us as Dr. Harley Richards shares from his professional knowledge and experience about the details of implant supported teeth. As the innovator of New Teeth Now with over 25 years of practice as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Richards has placed thousands of dental implants and continues to look into the highest standard of dental implant technology for his patients as it advances.

All On 4 Dental Implants Concept

Today’s video goes over a very prominent technique in the dental implant community: “All On 4”. If you’re researching dental implants online, this concept is often one of the first key phrases you’ll find in your investigation. So, where did the idea of “All On 4” come from? Dr. Richards weighs in on this term that has been in the dental industry after its trademarked creation by dental implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare:

“It refers to the placement of 4 dental implants, primarily towards the front of the lower jaw,” he says. “A set of teeth is fabricated that typically goes from the lower molar on the left to the lower molar on the right. These teeth are fixed into the mouth. The person cannot take the teeth in or out; they are actually screwed down into the implants.” The “All On 4” procedure can benefit patients in need of lower teeth, upper teeth or even a full mouth of implant supported teeth.

So, the question, is: who would actually benefit from the “All On 4” technique?

Who Would Benefit from the All On 4 Technique?

Dr. Richard’s feels that many different kinds of patients can fall into the category of needing implants. A person who is miserable with dentures, or has a mouth of badly decayed or painful teeth or a person with severe bone loss could all be great candidates for implant treatment.

As the dental industry has progressed, more and more people are looking to dental implants as the initial solution in contrast to dentures. Dr. Richards has seen this transition himself and has seen many patients benefit from the “All on 4” process. However, it’s important to note that there are even better dental implant procedure options out there.

All On 6 Might Be a Better Solution

Both Dr. Richards and Dr. Kirkpatrick feel that having 6 implants is much better than the “All On 4”. With two additional implants securing each arch, the six implant option provides their patients with a much stronger foundation to support their new teeth. This works especially well for their patients with more extreme bone loss, who may require even more support to be candidates for dental implants. The coined term “All On 6” refers to this option that both doctors often use to treat their patients, as they also lead other dental professionals to take note of this approach.