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Though cosmetic laser surgery can help change some of the structures under the skin, the tone and health of the skin itself can often be radically improved through different laser treatments at Florida Dental Implants & Oral Surgery in Lakeland, Florida. Focused light and heat treatments can both remove unsightly blemishes in the skin and stimulate the skin to regenerate itself, resulting in new layers of smooth, healthy new skin. Growing new skin from the inside out takes years off your face and gives your skin the smooth, silky texture that you love. Facial cosmetic laser surgery procedures are also growing in popularity because of the reduced downtime after each treatment and the increased comfort of the procedure itself. Even the most intense treatments we do impose only “social” downtime for a few days while the deep layers of the dermis produce new skin and slough off the old skin, and many of the these treatments impose no downtime at all. Some of our cosmetic laser surgery procedures work best in a series of treatments, while others use one intense treatment to improve your skin for years. Talk to Dr. Kirkpatrick about your particular skin condition or desired outcome so that he can recommend the most focused and effective treatment for your situation.

We offer a wide variety of cosmetic laser surgery treatments to better serve a wide variety of skin types and conditions. Our Laser Genesis Skin Therapy is a treatment for wrinkles, large pores, skin texture issues, and general redness. LimeLight Facial also treats skin redness, but it addresses tiny veins, brown spots and sun damage as well. Our Pearl Treatment is a unique, safe, and effective treatment for restoring the skin’s natural glow, while Skin Tight is an all-natural option to enhance skin tone using the Cutera Titan Laser. Finally, our Vein Therapy uses the Cutera CoolGlide system to treat the tiny spider veins and deep blue veins that can cause so much social embarrassment.

While you are visiting Florida Dental Implants & Oral Surgery to restore the skin of your face and neck with cosmetic laser surgery or other treatments, you may want to investigate the modern miracle of dental implants. At our clinic, we do “extreme makeovers” on a regular basis, restoring people’s faces inside and out, and we look forward to restoring as much of your youth and health as is possible through modern medical technology.

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