Which dental procedure would be better for you? G4 or New Teeth Now?

Do you suffer from severe dental problems? Which dental procedure would be better for you? G4 or New Teeth Now? Board-certified Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Harley Richards discusses the pros and cons of the two different dental implant procedures.

What’s different about the G4 Procedure?

The doctor begins by highlighting some of the main problems with the G4 procedure.  Dr. Harley Richards says, “Number one in comparing the G4 system to New Teeth Now you must consider the adaptation of the teeth to the gum tissue… With the G4 system, the gums could be squeezed under the teeth or when the gums shrink back, there may be too large of a gap under the teeth. And in doing it with the G4 system, you cannot adapt the teeth satisfactorily to the gum tissue because at that point you don’t know how the gum tissue is going to react to the procedure.”

What is the New Teeth Now Procedure, and how is it different from G4?

After discussing the problems with the G4 procedure, Dr. Richards goes into why the New Teeth Now procedure is superior to the G4 procedure. “We make a trial set of teeth the very same day and allow the tissue to settle in its own way for a few months so that when the final teeth are made we can adapt the tissue and the teeth exactly to one another. Secondly is the aesthetics and the phonetics.”  This allows the patient with a trial period, along with a healing period which can be anywhere from 3 to 4 months.

What happens in the trial period?

This trial period gives the patient time to decide what they think about the teeth, giving room for improvement.  “The person may come to not like their initial choice of the teeth, the size of the teeth, the shape of the teeth, the color of the teeth. They may not like the bite relationship.”  In the G4 system, there is no trial period.  The final teeth are made the day after, and modifications are less likely to be made.

Along with that, the teeth are made of different materials. The New Teeth Now procedure is made with milled zirconia framework only baked porcelain.  The G4 uses PMMA reinforced acrylic; a material not nearly as strong.  The New Teeth Now system is more evolved, because “we are trying to attain the highest level of patient satisfaction.” New Teeth Now’s procedure does not focus on speed but focuses on patient satisfaction. Dr. Harley Richards concludes this discussion with “We have the ability to change the aesthetics and the phonetics and we are providing our patients with superior material in the form of zirconia porcelain prosthesis.”