Ann Marie

My decision to have Dr. Musser take care of my dental issues was one of the very best decisions I have ever made in my lifetime. My experience with Florida Dental Implants was nothing but pleasant. Everything from walking in the front door for the first time, to going through my implant procedure with only minor discomfort and never even needing a pain pill. The pain pills are unopened and needing to be disposed of because they are expired in my medicine cabinet.

Now I can go out to eat with my friends and family. I am able to order ANYTHING on the menu. Before, it was always something like soft fish, something that needed very little chewing. I mainly eat vegetarian. Now I can eat my favorite salads, splurge on a steak now and then, when my body craves iron and I can easily chew it! Wow! Happy Happy I am! Corn on the cob, uncooked or cooked, easily eaten!

I can truthfully say, sometimes I forget they are not my God given natural teeth.

I am not afraid to share my experience with anyone! If someone had not shared this info with me who previously had this done I would have put it off for so long. Worth the money! Worth the horrid I-4 drive! Love them!

Ann Marie