Ann Marie Gibb

Just a quick message to say I am going into my third year of having my upper and lower implants put in Feb. 8th, 2012.
My experience with this procedure was, and still is somewhat of a miracle. I am very happy with my decision, and have no problems at all.
I will be 73 in April, and have enjoyed my food much more, stopped worrying about my next dentist appointment, which was a very heavy mental burden before I had my implants done by Dr. Musser.
My friends have called me from Sarasota, Tampa, Winter Haven, The Villages, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, commenting on my appearance on ABC,
bragging about my implants, and some calling me a “star”. Wish I had ten bucks for every time it aired, as I would be a wealthy woman right now.
The important thing is I know I helped many people decide, and hope their experience was as good as mine was.
I have a dear friend who suffers greatly from a damaged nerve from her implants done here in Ormond Beach. She is on pain pills, acupuncture, and unlike me, deeply regrets not going to Lakeland because she could save the travel time. On top of that, she was awake all through her bottom teeth being pulled, and implants put in.
More to the story, but….happy to say I made the right decision. Thank You Dr. Musser for changing my life, my health, and also my ability to enjoy foods that I put off ordering before, since it took me so long to chew.

I still feel like they are my very own teeth, and am grateful for this experience.
Ann Marie Gibb