I would like to share my experience at Florida Dental Implants. After several years of dealing with bad teeth, several dentists, thousands of dollars and implants later I made a trip to Lakeland.
I spoke with Kathy and Dr. Kirkpatrick. On that day I made the decision then to have the one day dental Implants. I must say it was the right decision.

I had partials which were very uncomfortable and there were certain foods you just could not eat with them. Particles of food would always get under them.

I spoke with Dr. Kirkpatrick; he looked at my X-rays and told me I was a candidate. It only took me the one day to know this was for me. I felt comfortable from the minute I spoke with Dr. Kirkpatrick. He and Kathy explained everything to me. Step by step we went through the process. The day of the procedure I had a little discomfort but nothing I could not tolerate.
The next morning I ate soft foods and each day it was better and better.

It has been one year since I had the procedure and I am so pleased and happy I made the decision. I only wish I had known of this years ago.

I can’t thank you enough Dr. Kirkpatrick. You were great and I am so glad I made this decision to have this done. Thank you for a great smile!