My wife, was having trouble with her teeth:

Her teeth were sensitive to hot food

Her teeth were sensitive to cold drinks

Her teeth were loose

Herjaw bone was deteriorating away

In 2010 she went to see a Perìodontist who did an expensive procedure with lasers to try to clean out the periodontal disease. After this procedure her teeth were looser and more
sensitive to heat and cold. The Perìodontist said that the sensitivity should go away after a
few months.

Six months later my wife was miserable. She could not drink cold liquids and she could not
eat hot food. When We told the Periodontist about this he told us about other expensive
procedures he could do but he could not guarantee the outcome. He also mentioned that she may be losing a few of her front teeth soon. He never mentioned this before the first
procedure. We were disappointed.

Without knowing what to do my wife started to do some research on her own and she came upon a story on the On-Demand Health Channel on our cable TV. They were interviewing Dr. Lawrence B. Musser of Florida Dental Implants & Oral Surgery about this new procedure for dental implants. She was very excited about this, and made me watch the story when I came home from Work that day. I was very impressed with the story.

I decided to call Florida Dental Implants & Oral Surgery and make an appointment for
consultation. On 24, 2011 we met Shawna. She was Very professional, explained the
procedure, and answered all of our questions. We were so impressed we decided to go for it. The pictures below were taken the day before surgery on June 7, 2011.

On June 8, 2011 Dr. Musser performed surgery on my wife and she came home that day with her implants completed and her temporary, prosthetic teeth in place. One week later, June 15, 2011, we went to see Dr. Musser for the post operation checkup. He said that she was healing very well.

The next four office visits we saw Dr. Wilson who would be designing my wife’s final, prosthetic teeth. Where Dr. Musser was the skilled surgeon in the operating room and Dr. Wilson was the artist with a sharp eye for how to make the prosthetic teeth look natural. The pictures below were taken on September 10, 2011.
My wife loves her new, prosthetic teeth. She has no sensitivity to cold liquids or hot food. In fact she now can eat many foods that she could not eat with her original teeth. We both are very happy with the results.