Can New Teeth Now be better than your Natural Teeth?

There is nothing better than healthy natural teeth.  But for people who are missing teeth, suffer from periodontal disease or have poorly fitting dentures, New Teeth Now is the next best thing to natural teeth. The greatest advantage of New Teeth Now dental implants is they’re very strong and will never decay.  Our dental implants are made of titanium and are coated with TiUnite which is scientifically proven to bond with your bone making our implant supported teeth exceptionally secure just like healthy natural teeth. At New Teeth Now, our in-house lab uses Zirconia for our implant supported teeth. Zirconia is very strong and not prone to break, chip or crack.  New Teeth Now zirconia teeth generally last a lifetime and are resistant to stains, acidic food and bacteria.  Plus, our patients never get cavities or have gum problems. If you are miserable with your dentures, suffer from severe dental pain or are about...
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The Right Doctor for the Job!

So, You LOVE your dentist. You’ve been a patient for years. You’re always greeted by name, and with a warm smile. Your dentist “gets” you. And despite your slight, lingering anxiety about having major dental work done, you trust him to make good decisions about your oral health. But for a decision as important as choosing the right doctor to surgically place implants that will last a lifetime, don’t you think you should get a second opinion? When you choose New Teeth Now you are choosing a team of three highly experienced, world-renowned surgeons. They all are board certified Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons with over 80 years of combined experience. Our surgeons are specialists in implant dentistry and routinely perform the New Teeth Now Procedure every day. On average, our surgical teams handle 300 full arch cases each year. Also, our surgeons are supported by a specialized team of experienced restorative dentists. These skilled...
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When Other Implant Doctors Turn Patients Away

When you are choosing a doctor for your dental implant procedure, you want to know you are in the care of a highly experienced surgeon that specializes in dental implants. A dental surgeon with a proven track record of success. Have you or someone you know been turned away because they were deemed “untreatable”? Some, patients are told they are not good candidates for dental implant surgery because they lack the bone to support traditional dental implants. Sometimes, a series of time-consuming bone grafts are prescribed. The bone grafting process can last for months, causing undo stress and inconvenience on the patient. In other cases, providers may turn you away simply because they do not have the proper knowledge, training or resources to help you. All three board certified surgeons at Florida Dental Implants have the knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art technology to solve the challenges your case presents. They have over 80 years...
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All on Four

All on 4 Blog from Florida Dental Implants on Vimeo.

Have you ever been told you can’t get Dental Implants?

In this video, Dr. Musser from Florida Dental Implants discusses the benefits and techniques of New Teeth Now with Zygomatic Implants over the All on 4 procedure!

Florida Dental has 3 of the world’s 15 surgeons that perform this procedure on a regular basis. This has helped us become a World Leader in Dental Implant Procedures.